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2020 outlook

Westside Discs is excited to welcome Nikko Locastro to Team Westside! We have been working with Nikko on learning his new discs, creating some new combinations of plastic and mold for him, and getting his input on a new Westside Discs disc golf bag. Be sure to check out the Tournament-X line of discs to support Nikko and try out some limited edition releases!

Erika Stinchcomb will join Nikko as full-time touring players representing Westside Discs at most of the major tournaments in 2020. You can follow both Nikko and Erika on social media, and if you’re lucky enough to see them at an event during the year, don’t be shy! Take a picture, shake their hands, and pick up a tour series disc to support their travels!

Nikko Locastro Team Series Prototypes

Nikko Locastro joins Team Westside Discs