Disc Golf Never Sleepsā„¢

We are proud to present a fully loaded box that includes four popular Westside discs with special graphics and effects. On top of this, the box also includes a new Limited Prototype Distance Driver that will most likely take a position in your bag for years to come. About the 5 discs inside:
  • Approved over a decade ago. This distance driver will glow you away.
  • This control driver will glide you into success. Honestly too beautiful to leave your hands.
  • Limited prototype overstable distance driver. Do we need to say more? šŸ˜‰
  • Throwing this midrange, you will wish you had more arms to use it more often.
  • After this putter is chasing down the chains, you better run and grab it before somebody else does.
The question you will have to ask yourself. Do you allow these discs to fly or do you enjoy your friends drooling over them on the wall? Limited amount. So get your box now! Available from DynamicDiscs.com.