Lupe Esquivel - Emporia, Kansas

Beginner Tip

Learn to throw with a putter before using a driver.

Most Memorable Moment

Winning the same tournament as my son but in different divisions.

Disc Golf Career Goals

Watch the son win a PDGA world championship, help a lady win a world championship.

In The Bag


Westside Discs Tournament Giant

Fight the winds or if I’m looking for a hard fade.

Westside Discs VIP Boatman

Great for the straight shots and woods.

Westside Discs VIP Sword

Long distance shots.


Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

Shorter shots & fights the winds great.

Westside Discs Tournament Warship

Longer holes, tons of glide with lower power.

Westside Discs Tournament Anvil

Great for flick upshots, fights the wind amazingly.


Westside Discs BT Medium Maiden

I use BT soft/medium very straight with a lot of glide, great for the long putts as well.