Westside Northman

  • Speed 10
  • Glide 5
  • Turn -1
  • Fade 2

PDGA Approved Driver

Available weights 148 – 178g

Hot Stamp Picture Explained

A blacksmith figure called Ilmarinen from Finnish national epic Kalevala. The picture will change slightly during the year 2011. Old picture was drawn by Arto Hoffrén on year 2009 and the new picture on year 2010. Check out the Kalevala in English language here. Northman in Finnish language is Pohjan Poika.

Manufacturer’s Official Product Description

Westside Northman is one of our original drivers. It has a bigger feel in the hand, which in return gives it that extra float in the air that you are looking to achieve. The Northman is fast and dependable. For faster arms it will fly straight with a small fade and then finish stable. For the lower arm speeds it will fly stable, but practically hover in the air. A good addition to anyone’s bag.